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RULES! Required Reading
First off, I'd like to start by welcoming you to the Nylon Fantasy Network! 

As a lifelong foot fetishist and owner of a foot fetish website for almost a decade, I built this forum to be a fun and safe internet community for other like-minded people, who share in this passion! As you may or may not have known, in the past decade, many feet forums have come and gone —a few whose presence is greatly missed, to this day—, and my vision for NFN is for it to bring back that same sense of "home" for foot fetishists, that those forums did. In order to achieve this goal, it's important that all of us who participate in this community are on the same page, as far as what is expected and what is allowed.

While I will always do what I can to make sure that this is a fun, safe and respectful environment, I'm just one person and I can't do it alone. That's why I've laid out these rules, to help get everyone on their way into making this community the best it can be. 

It is important that you not only read but adhere to these rules. Failing to do so not only creates an uncomfortable environment for other members of the forum, but depending on the offence, you are also putting your own membership in jeopardy. Not to make this place sound all grandiose, but being here is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

With that being said, let's get down to it.

1.) Be respectful, be kind.
It's really simple. Everyone is allowed to have their opinions, but there is a right and a wrong way to say what you have to say. Now no one is saying that we can't have fun around here. Lite roasting and busting each other's balls is fine, and are heated debates; it's blatant bullying, shaming, name-calling etc. which will not be tolerated. 

2.) No spamming
We're not interested in schemes which offer to net us $5000 USD a week, or male enhancement pills. If you continuously post things of this nature, I'm going to assume that you are a bot and you will be banned permanently. If you genuinely have a website or a business that you would like to advertise, you may do so by way of a simple link in your signature. PM me for further guidelines on how to properly do this.

No exceptions, no excuses. Just to make that perfectly clear, if the subjects of your content are not WOMEN AGED 18 OR OLDER, then your content is NOT welcome here and you WILL be reported to the authorities. NFN is NOT meant to be some seedy place on the darkweb for pedophiles to share in their sick fantasies. We don't do that here. By doing this, you're putting my website and my business at risk of not only being shut down, but also putting ALL of us at risk of a humiliating investigation. Again — ANYONE caught breaking this rule will not only be permanently banned, but reported to the proper authorities. No debates, no exceptions. 
   This forum is for legal adults 18 and over ONLY, and any members discovered to be underage will be IP banned immediately. If you suspect someone may be underage, please do alert me or another mod or admin immediately.   

Only if he's a participant in content featuring female feet (i.e. foot job or footsie scene) or if he happens to be caught in the background, should male feet be seen here. First offense is a warning. This is not up for debate. That includes femboys, crossdressers, transwomen etc. No exceptions. If you see it here, report it. 

4.) No religion. No politics.
Again, not up for debate. 

5.) Do not post stolen content
While sharing is caring, please be mindful not to step on any toes in the process. As a vendor in the industry for almost a decade, I can tell you firsthand how frustrating it is to put in hours of work on video content and see it shared for free. It's disrespectful and also illegal. If you'd like to share content that you purchased, then you need to make sure to cut the video size significantly, so as to only share a portion of the video. That way others get to see a preview of it, and the original producer isn't cheated out of a possible sale, which could help keep them creating more content. 
I have a few very strict exceptions to this, and those are: if the content comes from a vendor who is either long out of business or who hasn't posted any new content in years. By years, I mean on or before this date (12/23/2020 as of this writing), at least four years ago. Any recent content from vendors who are clearly still active, will get purged immediately, and the offender will be suspended. 
On the flip-side, original content is always welcome, so long as it adhere to the rules laid out here. 

6.) Content you share must be related to foot fetishism
NFN is not meant to be some all-around porn sharing platform. We're here because we share a passion for women's feet! Footjobs are allowed for obvious reasons, but anything outside of that is be female foot focused. For example, a woman sitting naked on a couch barefoot is not enough, whereas a woman who is bent over in her panties with her soles close to the camera is allowed, as the latter is more foot focused than the former. This is a simple one, that shouldn't need much explaining. 

7.) Have a good time
As I stated in my intro here, these rules are merely to ensure that NFN can be as safe and fun environment as possible for all. I can enforce rules all day, but it takes everyone following and adhering to these rules to make this work.

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