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Anybody recognize this one?
(04-03-2023, 08:20 AM)DJThaDon Wrote: She was outdoors, her shoes were loafers or moccasins and her feet were bare. This video was hot hot HOT! 


And like an idiot, I didn't download it.

It was posted on PornHub before the big purge, but it was removed a few months before it due to copyright issues. That indicated to me that it was produced by a studio but I never could figured out who. I was able to grab this single screenshot, from the cache on Google for a few months and then even that disappeared. As it appears now, it's lost to time. Does this look familiar to anyone?

Nevermind, found it.  Big Grin

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Anybody recognize this one? - by DJThaDon - 04-03-2023, 08:20 AM
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