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ALMOST! - DJThaDon - 10-29-2022

So the auto show came to town about a month ago. For those of you who have been fearing that seeing beautiful dressed up in stockings, heels, skirts etc. was officially a thing of the past at such events (especially since COVID), fear not! While most of the women at this even were in sneakers or boots, one section in particular still kicked it old school. Only thing is there was no shoeplay  Rolleyes , or at least none that I caught. I even took my good camera! I had the wife and youngins with me and we went on the final day of the whole thing. But if this what it's gonna be like next year, please believe I'm gonna try to go alone at least once! 

Take these pretty ladies, for instance. This is a classic setup! I was almost positive I'd get a little something, but I could only wait around for so long.